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A free personal and professional development coaching bootcamp for eligible applicants in Tulsa who desire to change your life

What We’re About

Do you want something different for your life and career, but don’t know exactly what that is or how to get there? We’re here to help you create the New YOU 2.0 — so you can live your best life!

New U is a FREE professional development course designed to open up new ways of seeing the future and fresh opportunities.

Catch the Spark.  Create Your Blueprint. Build Your Future.

Catch the Spark

Bring your future into crystal-clear focus so you know exactly where you want to go. We’ll help you dig deep to find the needed fire and inspiration to turn your current potential into the future, realized, better you—the best “you” that you can be.

Gain Clear Insight

The right mindset and skills form the essential foundation for success. We use proven, knowledge-based techniques to help you understand your strengths, areas for growth, and tools to boost productivity, accomplish goals, and achieve real results.

Create Your Blueprint

Bust through your plateaus and reach your destination. We work with you one-on-one and in group settings to map your future with clear, well-defined steps and a specific, personalized strategy to help you move forward on your life journey.

Connect and Build

Share the vision for your next-level plans with those who can help you. We provide opportunities o pitch your ideas, share your personal and career goals, and connect with a network of people with the potential to collaborate with you if the fit is right.

Our ongoing community impact

New U is committed to uplifting and empowering everyone we work with, creating an exciting, transformative future and real results for diverse talent in Tulsa, the companies where they work, and the ways they live their best life.


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New U



Check out the happy results from our grads

“NU helped me transition fully from an antelope to a lion.  The connections, insight, and skills provided the final push that I needed to start my own business as well as pursue other goals.”

Montana Cain PhD.

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“To me, NU was an awakening and empowering experience”

Jenny Flores

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“NU showed me the unlocked value of working as a team to achieve goals.”

Allen Collins

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“NU was a great opportunity to connect meaningfully with amazing individuals & a great catalyst for reflection as I step into a new role”

Ray’Chel Wilson

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“What I’ve enjoyed most about NU is the opportunity to self-reflect and think beyond my own limitations.”

Tamela Tucker

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Let’s Do This!

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