The College Track
Tulsa, Oklahoma

The College track

Launched in October 2022, New U NEXT is a free 4-week program that equips college students with the knowledge, skills, and resources to access exciting opportunities within Tulsa’s growing ecosystem

Program Outline

This self-learning journey with four 90-minute onsite sessions, aims to provide clarity for students to pave their own pathways. Cohorts of 15-20 students, will gain deeper insights through interactive, non-textbook tactics.

Session 1

Vision Casting

Articulate your vision and set real goals

Session 2


Boost self-awareness
and explore personal values

Session 3

Personal & Professional Development

Build healthy habits and a growth mindset

Session 4

Life Mapping

Reflect and refine next steps to become the best version of yourself

Meet Your Instructor

Maria Kim
College NEXT Facilitator

From managing award-winning restaurants to traveling the world as a freelancer, Maria Kim’s diverse experiences has led her to Tulsa, OK, where she found a deep-rooted passion for nurturing meaningful relationships in the startup ecosystem. Currently, she is one of New U NEXT’s Facilitators and also works for ACT House where she’s on a mission to help founders build better teams.

Maria was born and raised on the east coast as her South Korean family was adjusting to American suburbia. Following her love for writing, she studied journalism in college, but fell in love with the restaurant and bar industry as she was working full time as a student. Maria switched her career trajectory and focused on learning mixology and hospitality, and went on to work in award-winning restaurants and bars. But in 2019, in the aftermath of overworked burnout, she decided to pursue her dream of traveling the world. So she quit her former dream job, and pursued remote work so she could travel and live more autonomously. Diving back into her writing roots, she found success as a copywriter and went on to live abroad, from Colombia and Peru to South Korea and Turkey.

The pandemic introduced new hurdles (as it did for everyone), so she found herself in Tulsa, OK, and was very surprised to see a rare but unexpected opportunity to learn, grow, and build. Maria joined New U’s inaugural cohort and was immediately drawn towards the holistic approach for personal and professional development that showed immense value for her and her cohort members. Since then, she has been an active ambassador for the program and is one of New U NEXT’s Facilitators. Maria also works for ACT House where she’s on a mission to help founders build better teams.

“I never thought I’d find myself living in Tulsa, OK, but I also never thought I’d meet so many amazing, talented individuals who are so committed to a higher purpose of serving their community,” she said. “I’m so grateful to be a part of a team where we can create real, positive impact for people who want and need it the most.”

Are you ready for this opportunity?

New U Next is for college students who are:

18 years old or older
College student above enrolled at any academic institution
Seeking a diverse understanding of yourself and desire to proactively create the life you want
Open to being connected with Tulsa Higher Education Consortium partners.
Based nearby Tulsa, OK — so you’ll be able to attend group workshop sessions

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