The Original Track in Spanish
Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Original Track in Spanish

The New U is a free six-week personal development program that equips participants for future success.

Program Outline

Session 1

Vision Casting

Articulate your vision in a way that can be acted upon and lived out. Using vision boards, discussions and other tools, you’ll envision a new personal and professional reality to create a clear vision for where you want to go.

Session 2


Engage in self-reflection to expand your vision of what is possible. Through proven assessments (Who Am I, Really?; Strengthsfinder 2.0; Facing Your Fears), gain more self-awareness of your values, triggers and motivations to become your best self.

Session 3


Gain greater understanding of your unique strengths, communication style, and collaboration skills through “True Colors,” an evidence-based assessment that equips you to value an appreciate what you uniquely bring to work, relationships, etc.

Session 4

Professional Development

Prepare for advancement opportunities within an organization by learning strategies and best practices for career growth. Gain skills in mindset shifting, leaning into a promotion, industry do’s and don’ts, salary negotiation, interviewing, and resume creation.

Session 5

Personal Development

Build on your new self-knowledge and gain further tools, resources and guidance to advance your personal life. Develop methods for positive transformation, including effective habits, budgeting basics, creating your best life, and more.

Session 6

Life Mapping

During this final session, everything you’ve learned before comes together to help you create a comprehensive, strategic map for your next 6 months to 5 years of your life and career. You’ll then present your plan to New U partners and companies who are prepared to provide you with opportunities to achieve your goals.

Meet Your Instructor

Jenifer Flores
Program Director | Lead Spanish Facilitator

Jenifer Flores was born and raised in Lima, Peru, but migrated to Tulsa, OK, with her family where she studied nursing and education. After working in the medical field for 10 years, Jenifer then joined the Language and Cultural Services Department in Tulsa Public Schools in 2018. Her biggest passion is to build inter-cultural bridges to provide equal opportunities for diverse communities and hopes to continue fulfilling her true purpose of helping the Latin community.

Jenifer was born and raised in Lima, Peru, but migrated to the United States with her family in the early 2000s to pursue the “American Dream.” Graduating with a Science of Nursing degree and a minor in Education, Jenifer went on to work in the medical field for 10 years in Tulsa, OK, which served as a foundation for her ultimate purpose: helping the Latin community. In 2018, Jenifer joined the Language and Cultural Services Department in Tulsa Public Schools.

Today, Jenifer is the Lead Spanish Facilitator for New U where the team works intimately together to motivate diverse talent to actualize and reach the 2.0 version of themselves. In this role, Jenifer gets to leverage her 15-year tenure of being a Spanish and English interpreter, which gave her the necessary tools and experiences to effectively engage with non-English speaking families and other immigrant communities. One of her leading values revolves around equality and equity, as she is a firm believer that everyone should be treated the same despite their ethnic or racial background. Her biggest passion is to build inter-cultural bridges to provide equal opportunities for diverse communities.

“I believe that everyone has a ‘New U’ within themselves, but sometimes we just need a little reminder to turn on the spark to light up our lives,” she said.

Bianca Alvarado
Spanish Facilitator

Born and raised in Tulsa, OK, Bianca Alvarado started her career in the healthcare industry where she spent nearly a decade working in various fields, such as the pediatrics department and Planned Parenthood. New U became a vital ingredient for her transformative journey as it challenged her to get out of her bubble and push herself to past her limits. As one of NU’s Spanish Facilitators and a native Tulsan, Bianca is excited to share new pathways for her community and inspire others to reach the next version of themselves.

Although Bianca Alvarado was born in Tulsa, OK, she spent her early childhood years in Fresnillo, Zacatecas Mexico, where her family is originally from. But when she turned 6 years old, her family returned to Tulsa where the quiet city quickly became home. Moving from neighborhood to neighborhood, Bianca got the chance to live all over Tulsa before graduating high school with a Medical Assistant license. This led her to working in the medical field for 9 years, mainly in the pediatrics department from Planned Parenthood to Oklahoma State University (OSU). She is also the mother of two beautiful children.

In 2016, Bianca decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her passion in the beauty industry, so she returned to school to learn cosmetology. Today, she is a hair stylist specializing in color at Rock Paper Scissors, and continues to nurture her growth by staying on top of new trends and practices. As a native Tulsan, Bianca had the opportunity to see how Tulsa has grown throughout the years, and is excited to see the positive changes that could breed new opportunities. Upon joining New U, first as a participant and later as a Spanish Facilitator, Bianca was able to break out of her bubble, push past her own limits, and continue on the path she wants–and she wants to share that spark with others.

“Being a part of New U as a Spanish Facilitator has given me the opportunity to share that push and the information that has helped so many become the 2.0 version of themselves,” she said. “I can’t wait to see how Tulsa and its people will develop after going through the program.”

Are you ready for this opportunity?

New U is a great fit for you if you are:

Looking for a spark or a plan to level up your personal or professional life
Are ideally between the ages of 25 to 45
(Note: We do consider people ages 20 and up. If New U speaks to you, send in your application!)
Feeling stuck in life and are searching for what is next or making a life or career pivot
Interested in breaking into a new tech career
Based in Tulsa, OK — so you’ll be able to attend group workshop sessions

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